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Thread: Black Shellac??

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    Black Shellac??

    Anyone have any experience with tinting shellac? Can Zinzeer Dewax work as a base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Norton View Post
    Anyone have any experience with tinting shellac? Can Zinzeer Dewax work as a base?
    I've used black & redish dyes in shellac to move the color around. Zinser Sealcoat works fine.

    However for me, I've had better luck just using a shellac that is "naturally" close to the color I wanted. YMMV
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    I use a lot of Sealcoat shellac and add Transtint dye to it to make toners, with a nearly infinite color palette. Sometimes I start with Zinsser Amber shellac when I want an orange background, to reduce the amount of Transtint required. When I do that I always shoot a coat of Sealcoat over it before top coating with my WB finish.


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    i have used black dye in shellac. If you are after uniform depth of color, it works better in fact than dyeing the raw wood sometimes - especially if curves or grain variations happen. Just test your mix on scrap; you want to add enough that you don't have to apply too many shellac coats just to get proper color coverage.

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    FWIW, I bought a container of Japan black and it was labeled in small copy: shellac and carbon black. Don't know if all Japan black is made that way but the one I got from Amazon was.

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    I would be interested in black tinted shellac for some guitar related finishes

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    I had an order for an oak coffee table in jet black, but with the grain texture visible. I used NGR black dye directly on the wood (no washcoat), followed by Minwax ebony oil stain. The result was as intended. Then I sealed the oil stain with a coat of dewaxed shellac and finished it with oil based varnish. I applied dilute black paint with an artist brush around transitions, especially dovetails on the drawers. The drawer fronts had to be black while the sides were finished without color. NGR dye or oil stain would have bled into the natural colored drawer sides. I have tinted shellac with Transtint in the past, but not to achieve such a dramatic color change. As I recall I used Behlen NGR dye.

    It might have worked to just use black paint, but I was concerned that the paint would conceal the wood table.jpg

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