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Thread: Powermatic PM1000 vs Grizzly 1023RL - Any thoughts?

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    Sawstop cabinet saw is very impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Hachet View Post
    ...Unisaw does not strike me as anything special...
    You're right--it isn't anything special--just far above Grizzly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Hachet View Post
    Curious as to why you like the Grizzly so much better? I always figured Unisaw and Grizzly were pretty much equal.

    My vote would be Grizzly myself for the initial question.
    Poor dust collection, lacked a riving knife, the rattling of the hand wheels drove me crazy for starters

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Graham View Post
    Thanks, so we're talking table saws, good to know.

    I don't have a Powermatic or Grizzly saw but I've owned one Grizzly jointer, two Powermatic jointers and one Powermatic planer. What I've noticed in my admittedly limited experience is that the Powermatic tools came ready to go out of the box and held alignment with use. The Grizzly, not so much so. I had to tinker with it to get it set up and every so often after that.
    This has not been my exerience

    Quote Originally Posted by andy bessette View Post
    Grizzly quality is far beneath Unisaw.
    Maybe 20 years ago. Not today. I have owned PM, Jet, Steel City, Delta, etc

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Hachet View Post
    Unisaw does not strike me as anything special
    After owning one I would agree

    As far as resale value of PM.... It should have a higher resale value because you pay about 2-3x as much. The 10% increase in quality/fit'n'finish doesn't equal the huge price increase.

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    I suspect the fit and finish is a bit nicer on the PM1000, but with twice the power the G1023RL should be the more capable saw when the going gets tough. Both are nice saws. It's a personal preference, but since the G1023RL is no slouch, I'd take the added power.
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