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Thread: Best way to Laser Cut Photograph on Hardboard

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    Best way to Laser Cut Photograph on Hardboard

    I have been using an Epilog-Mini 45W for most of a year and have begun to make jigsaw puzzles with photographs on them. I decided to first mount them on 1/8" hardboard (masonite) with 3M 586 film, which worked great. However, I am running into issues when cutting them. I cannot seem to cut without leaving burn/scorch marks on the paper, as I need the laser power up fairly high to cut through the hardboard. I am looking for suggestions if it is possible to make jigsaw puzzles this way without heat marks, or is it just something I will have to deal with.

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    Find 1/8"mdf, would be as stable and cut easier than Masonite which is pretty darn hard, I'm expecting you are using tempered Masonite too. Even a quality birch ply would cut easier. You can mask the picture, it should help some, but would add time removing mask.
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    fast high pressure air assist
    You did what !

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    nothing will help in that regard .. you will get charring of the cut edge and the paper whatever you do ..
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    Maybe try low-tack Hotmask foil (PVC free of course)? Don't know if it will leave stains om the photo paper.
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    I have done many jigsaw puzzles, mostly acrylic but just did one with wood (grandsons). I applied clear polyester film over the paper photo after gluing it onto the wood, then applied transfer tape. No discoloration at all.
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