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Thread: Dye Sub help

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    Dye Sub help

    I am looking for someone who can help me by printing two dye sub photos for me. I can send the files by E mail and pay you for the two photos and postage to be mailed to me.
    I will be applying the images to metal to be attached to wooden plaques.
    This is a project for family and I really need to get it done.

    Anyone that can help would be appreciated.

    Don Williams
    Epilog 45 watt, Graphtec cutter-plotter, Corel Graphics Suite X3 - X4, HP and Vaio computers, woodshop.

    "Trust, but Verify"

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    Conde has a print service that is just what you need. They are very reasonable price wise and do a great job even on large prints. You can upload your image and tell them what medium you are using, they will adjust their printing to suit.

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