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Thread: Cutting 1mm sterling silver sheets.

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    I wish there was a way to calculate the length of my pieces in EZCad because these waterjets have a speed in inches per minute. I could probably ballpark the cut time if I had that info,
    Just so happens my cheap Chinese LaserSoft program will do just that, and I'm guessing RDWorks and any other Chinese laser program WITH a cut simulator probably will too...

    I typed in 'WHAT'S MY LINEAR CUT DISTANCE?' in 24pt Arial in Corel, imported to LaserSoft and entered it into the simulator; it came up with 754.58mm-
    here's a screenshot of the simulator-
    Closeup of the upper left corner so you can actually read the 'work distance'..

    so the outlines of that lettering at 1/4" tall total almost 29-3/4" total length--

    I'd be glad to run some patterns thru my simulator, I use Corelx4- or you might be able to download LaserCut or some other software that will work in demo mode...
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    Most CAD software has an "analyze" function or maybe "Properties" that will list perimeter, surface area and if the part is 3D it will tell you volume and can give weights based on the type of material. You should be able to get the perimeter pretty easily that way. If nothing else, dimension all the straight lines and add the numbers up, it should be pretty close.
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