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Thread: What is "Invalid Redirect"

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    What is "Invalid Redirect"

    Ok, trying to get a temporary password sent to me , so that I can log onto Sawmill Creek I had to register under a new screen name , because after the electric went out , it messed something up on the Computer. AND I forgot where I wrote down my old password ! So, every time I tried to change my password to a new password , it wants my old password . On top of that, When I do the lost password recovery thing to get the password emailed to me, it says "Invalid Redirect"

    What is that???

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    Look in the Forum Tech Support. This problem is addressed in one of the sticky threads at the top. Best of luck

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    Make sure you are logging in at: and that you spell your name and password the same way you did for your original sign up.

    Log in in the upper right hand corner where you should see:Capture.JPG
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