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Thread: Collection of collectors

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    Collection of collectors

    Apparently I have started a new collection. I have a 5hp, 10hp and 15hp dustek, two other 5hp units, a couple 3 hp ones, a 1 1/2hp one and now a 25hp cyclone.

    The 25 will pull everything, think I will keep a couple smaller ones for dedicated machines.


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    If you lived in my neighborhood, I'd come to your yard sale! Haha! Great find!
    Random ROG

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    Nice score, it will be much easier running that hydromat all day long with the chips blowing outside. I would love to see your set up? How fast are you running the hydromat? What kind of dc pipe do you plan on running? Follow your dreams brother, looks like your doing great!

    Mike Larson

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    Well, that sucks...

    Seriously, that's a hefty unit and as you say, could be a nice alternative to running multiple systems.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    One 5hp one gone, although I got a 20hp motor and starter for part of the deal.

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    A ten, two fives, and a three. I am just a junior collector member.
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