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Thread: Used laser engraver addition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Rocker View Post
    Yesterday I was getting ready to put the male/female red wire connectors on and I looked at the wire coming from the PSU and it had that silicone/rubber tubing on it to reduce arcing. Do I need to put that on the wire from the connector to the laser tube connection?
    You probably don't need to, many machines do not have that extra layer of protection. However, I would strongly suggest that you do add it. It causes no harm and can save you from further problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Harman View Post
    Yes, of course it can. Having the return air vent in the middle of a room vs the corner of the room will significantly affect the airflow patterns. That is not the same as "aiming" the "suction". For example you cannot put the return in the middle of the room and "aim" it to the side to get the same effect as putting it in the corner. You also cannot restrict the return air and expect it to move more air through it, nor "pull" air from further away.
    The restriction used to increase velocity in supply and return diffusers is not a significant loss. Done all the time, go to the ACCA website and do some reading as I suggested.

    You do not depend on velocity to direct air flow in a room entirely for return air. The location of the returns either high or low and in the heating areas of the country the returns are located on the inside walls and supplies are designed to Sweep the outside walls with warm air. Supply diffusers are selected on air delivery or Cfm, Velocity is used to Throw the air in a certain pattern.

    Good resource for those interested, check the Engineering data in the back of the catalog >
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