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Thread: SPAM in my PM's?

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    SPAM in my PM's?

    "I know that we haven't known or come across each other before considering the fact that we just meeting in my search for a new friend. I am Mrs Katty Williams! social,polite and apprehensive, who believes that Friendship is a wonderful world, it might be the most beautiful one on earth.and i will like you and i to be a very good friend and maybe we can talk about religion life and for the purpose God asked me to contact you... I like to worship God with all my heart. When I praise God . . . "

    It goes on with emails and other contact info. I should have quarantined it but, my knee-jerk reflexes kicked in and deleted it.
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    Report the message, glenn, so that the administrators can "retire" the "member" who clearly joined the forum for something other than discussing woodworking. They need the user name to do that. (I just realized that you deleted the message, so if you can remember the exact user name, that's what's needed to deal with this)

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    I had the same message in my PM box this morning.
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