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Thread: Mounting UHMW Sheet To Fence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael A. Tyree View Post
    Frank, I've read variable comments on flatness depending on fasteners & thickness. The material I see sold on these fences (newer than my fence) is flat I would assume?
    Steve, FWIW, I am not allowed access to your link, but it's the commonly sold slick tape?
    Mike, I think you can find it by searching for “slick strips “ through woodriver products. Comes in a few different sizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Reverb View Post
    FWIW, the Gougeon guys (of West System epoxy fame) have said that they have successfully glued PE. Apparently, PE is technically a wax, with either a polar or non-polar molecule (I forget which) and the key to getting glue to adhere to it is to change the molecules at the bonding surface from polar to non-polar (or visa-versa). The way the West System folks did that is by scorching the PE with a propane torch, then rapidly gluing it.

    I don't think you need to melt or blacken the PE ... just heat it quickly until its sheen changes slightly...then glue it quickly (because I believe the molecules change back to their original state or whatever)...YMMV and good luck.
    FWIW, here are the tensile strength improvements (dunno about shear strength) West System found by flame-treating HDPE before gluing with Gflex:

    And here's an article on it:

    TLDR version – degreasing with alcohol and flame-treating before gluing seemed to give best adhesion. Pretty impressive results:

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  3. Long week, road wise so far! Spent next two days with my wife sharing her Alzheimers duty at her Mom's, yet another road trip my wife makes each week. Had to take a bed apart and then haul it over a 100k to her sisters house along with other furniture. Yuk.
    The fence on my saw is serviceable as is but buggered up somewhat from use. The original baltic plywood? Biesemeyer used is sort of dog eared but certainly it will suffice as is for now. Given that I am painting the cabinet I just had the thought I'd look at dolling it up and perhaps improving the fence some.
    Thanks for comments so far! - there's a lot of experience on this forum.
    Take a look on ebay at these fence sides: item # 132963413723. they are the target DIY fence sides I had in mind. I would buy plastic and replicate what the ebay seller has listed.
    Another item-glide pads on ebay, item # 382862548947. Again as a DIY project I'd buy plastic and make my own cheaply.
    Not that I would not be gluing anything if i make either of these two items.

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