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Thread: What Size of One Way Banjo do you have on your Powermatic 3520b Lathe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Belknap View Post
    The toolrest on my 3520 slips some when the situation is right. Since the banjo has an extra threaded hole I put a hex head bolt in it and if it slips or I think it will I tighten the bolt with a wrench. It won't slip
    Always wondered what that extra hole was for - thanks for the information. I once twisted a coring knife like a pretzel when I found the tool rest dropped. Wish I knew this then. (I thought the knife was trash till
    i saw Robo’s video on straightening them out.)

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    There is more problems with the regular Banjo and tool rests, as we well know, depending where we set the banjo on the bed, that is, farther in or out, the shaft in the banjo will bend some when we put pressure on the shaft, and so the banjo handle ends up higher and lower every time depending where the banjo gets placed.

    Oneway has designed and uses this patented cam lock in their Banjo, it will hold the banjo securely every time and at any setting.

    Oneway banjo Camlock.jpg

    For the toolrest the fitted piece to hold the toolrest post works very good, with the tightening handle and the setup of the handle at the same position every time, if one wants to change that position, Oneway has designed the plate with 4 bolts and 8 openings in the plate/nut, so the handle can be set to whatever position suits best.

    Toolrest and Banjo.jpg

    Some more info on the Banjo and toolrest here.

    Oneway Banjo info.jpg
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    Have fun and take care

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    On my g0766 I just ordered a couple of extra factory banjo tool rest locking screws from grizzly. They are cheap! Nothing slips unless I let it. My grizzly banjo has three threaded holes for the banjo locking screws. My guess is they are there so you can get them out of the way when they interfere with something. Btw they are metric. Regular screws work well too.


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