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Thread: rockwell unisaw 34-466 worth it?

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    rockwell unisaw 34-466 worth it?

    a local resale place has a Rockwell international unisaw, model 34-466. has a 3HP 240V motor (original appearing). Said to work. It's got a fence, a round pipe bar one (I think that's a jet lock?), ~48" (I didn't have a tape measure with me), and has a formica table extension. it's on a shop made wooden mobile base (sitting on a pallet, so I don't know how stable). They want $450 for it. Worth it?

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    I bought that model Unisaw about 10 years ago for $500 IIRC. It dates from the mid-70's - not the zenith of Delta quality, but nevertheless a solid, US made machine. It came with a LVC (look on the back of the saw to see if this one has one) and a Biesemeier fence (superior to the Jet-Lock).

    It would be good to know if it runs and what shape the arbor and bearings are in. If these are OK, you can strip the saw down, clean and lube the guts, realign the top, and have a solid investment. Most key parts are still available, so it is unlikely you will end up with a boat anchor, though how much it may cost (if anything) to bring it up to snuff is hard to say.

    If I were to buy this I would plan on upgrading to a VSCT fence (~$300), but YMMV.
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    A 3 HP 240V single phase Unisaw motor is about $450.00 if not more these days that helps in your decision.

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    If you are going to cut your teeth on a used machine, the Unisaw is as risk free as any. Lots of them out there and a favorite among the light duty used guys. I have a rockwell 12 and while it isn't a Whitney it is a solid saw and built better than most are today. A new saw would cost 3K and you can't buy much of anything for 450. Add 500 for a new fence and incidentals and you have a 3K saw for 1K. Not a bad deal. Dave

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    A mid-'70's Unisaw is a great machine. But condition should dictate price. $450 is no money for a good machine. But the fence should be upgraded to a Biesmeyer or Unifence.
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    Dang never a deal like that near me or same state.I would make somewhat of offer of 300 see what happens.Parks are all over ebay but worse case you can part it out and get your money back.But if you get it home and decide its not for you then sell it on CL for 600 put the profit in your pocket.

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