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Thread: PureColor stains compared to Minwax?

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    PureColor stains compared to Minwax?

    Does anyone have experience with PureColor stains?

    I'm wondering if they have a color that compares to Minwax Dark Walnut. I could order a bunch of samples from them, but I'd rather not spend a bunch of money and not find anything close. So if anyone has experience with their products and can point me to a color or two that might be close, that would be great.


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    If you anyone uses or has used this product I am interested in your experience and opinion of this product. I am trying to move to all water based finishes for my projects.


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    Water borne stains are, in my opinion, generally less desirable than oil based, largely because they dry more rapidly and consequently make getting even applications a more athletic event since you have so much less time to manipulate the stain. I don't know the particular stain you are asking about, but Minwax is a relatively low quality stain.

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    When trying to darken and even the color on American Black Walnut I have found that Jacobean achieves a more pleasing effect than the Dark Walnut which I find to be very red. I use the solvent based ML Campbell Windsong II products which can be matched to the Minwax colors, but are only available in gallons+. I have found Windsong to be far more stable under either lacquer or varnish than the Minwax products. I have sprayed them but also find wiping works just fine.

    I have no experience with the purecolorinc products but I like what they're saying in their advertisement. Please report back on your experience.
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