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Thread: Tips on drying an odd shaped piece

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    Tips on drying an odd shaped piece

    Looking for thoughts on how to dry something like this:


    I realize with circular grain like this it's almost guaranteed to crack, just looking to minimize the effects.
    I'm coating other boards endgrain with Anchorseal II. I'm temped to just slather some on the face grain, but then not sure how it would ever dry out.

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    If that's walnut it will dry surprisingly well, especially if it's just 4 or 5/4. When I do bowls with knots in them I smear the knots on both sides with superglue. With boards, not really, but anchorseal -- absolutely.

    Spring for anchorseal 1. Anchorseal 2 lets it dry too fast. It stinks. If you want anchorseal 2 you can water down anchorseal 1 with 50% water and get basically the same effect (but it's way easier to spread).

    Also whether you use 1 or 2 you could coat an entire board with it and it will still dry eventually, just a bit more slowly.

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    It's white oak. I'll give it a shot with face coating. What can it hurt?

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    Anchor seal does not stop moisture loss, just slows it down. It will dry even if completely coated with Anchor seal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean McCurdy View Post
    It's white oak. I'll give it a shot with face coating. What can it hurt?
    I think this is about all you can really do. White oak likes to move, so keep it out of the sun, well restrained and hope for the best with a good seal coat.

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