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Thread: Gouge size question

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    Gouge size question

    I've been watching a few Mary May tutorials and have come to the conclusion that she uses most often a Dastra #1 - 14mm, #4 - 14mm, #5 - 14MM and a 6mm straight V in the clips I've seen. Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I've decided to purchase these four as starters. My question is: since my hands are probably larger than hers, should I get them in wider sweeps, say 16mm?

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    How large or small your hands are has nothing at all to do with the width of the sweep of a chisel you choose. Wider chisels are mor clumsy and awkward to use . I prefer narrower ones as they are kore versatile.
    She was probably using whatever chisel because that's what the carving needed.
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