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Thread: TL-403 Controller U Axis Reversal Remedy?

  1. The U-axis on this laser CM1290 is truly a nightmare to work with. Our table is stuck now and won`t move up or down.

    The table bed, which is controlled by 2 stepper motors mounted to the bottom is not moving.

    The way we used to move the bed up and down was by using the controller and pressing 3 and 4 on the number pad.

    With U-axis set to Negative, 3 goes up, 4 goes down

    With U-axis set to Positive, 3 goes down, 4 goes up

    Now when we press 3 or 4, the stepper motors engage and the pulleys / belts are turning, but the bed does not move.

    In a real jam, since we need the bed to move up and down to focus the laser.

    Any help appreciated. Thank-you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Douglas Ryerson View Post
    Thank-you. Yes I looked at the "ramp test" but haven't done this yet. I was just wondering what the distance would be in general. Since in the manual they show a focusing tool but we did not get one in the parts box. If someone has the same laser, redsail CM1290 and they have the acrylic tool, please share the measurement (height).
    Gary just told you how to do it? If you had followed his instructions you would be up and running by now.
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    Bill, he can't find the focus distance because the table won't move!

    As to basic focus starting point, 2" from the work surface to the lens surface, the glass itself NOT the lens housing or cone. Should be close enough to get some work done-

    Table not moving, but the steppers, pulleys and belt(s) are moving... So then, one of the pulleys connected to the belt, is the pulley that should be ultimately moving the screws or chain that move the table. Chances are high a pulley set screw is loose...
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