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Thread: Good experience with Air Handling Systems

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    Good experience with Air Handling Systems

    Just wanted to post a positive review of a company called Air Handling Systems in Connecticut. I picked up a complete spiral pipe & fittings dust collection ducting system from them this morning and had a very good experience.

    I ordered all the parts (85) online yesterday morning, got a call yesterday afternoon that everything was in stock, and picked it up this morning. Everyone was very friendly and my order was already pulled and waiting for me. Their web site is extremely easy to use and has lots of good information. Their employees also seemed very knowledgeable and offered some suggestions for alternative parts or parts that I needed but didn't realize I needed.

    The quality of the parts seems to be excellent - smooth welds, tight tolerances, etc. Prices were competitive with other online sellers.

    Based on this experience, I highly recommend them, especially if you can drive to the New Haven, CT area to save on shipping. If you can't, they ship internationally.

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    I had good experiences with them a few years ago when I purchased a boatload of Nordfab ducting. I'll likely go with them again for the new workshop.
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    They have been around for a long time and that doesn't happen if customers are not kept happy. I've dealt with them in the past and it was also a favorable experience, even though it was small transactions.

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    Impressive web site. I see they have a page specifically for the DIY shop dust collection crowd with 26 ga spiral pipe. At $28.30 for a 5' stick of 7" 26 ga spiral, it is decently priced. Oneida quoted me $21.21 6 years ago for 7" spiral. I ended up paying $9.44 discounted from my son for 26 ga snaplock.
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    I love their doc on figuring out the correct system. That PDF is great.
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    While their quality is good/ adequate, I have gotten much,much better pricing from a place in MN called Spiral Manufacturing.
    I bought only a couple things from Air Handling probably 15 years ago, because I couldn't find any place else. Since then, Spiral Manufacturing has gotten all my business.
    Just another option worth checking out.

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