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Thread: What to do...part two

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio

    What to do...part two

    Other thread was getting a bit, how about an update to start this second part?

    Have the 1/4" plywood on hand, Have 10 "White Birch" knobs and 4 foot pads.

    I tried to resize a few drawer sides.....crosscuts were fine.....two boards needed ripped for width. Trouble with the old bandsaw.....stalled dead, even without the v-belt on the motor....NOT GOOD!

    Have torn the saw down.....thrust bearings were frozen ( now have been "un-frozen") drive wheel looked nasty. Cleaned everything out, plenty of WD40 and PBlaster. Will bring the air compressor down to the shop Sunday, and blow EVERYTHING out/off. Finally got the motor to spin up to speed....took a while, but I finally got it so the drive wheel would spin. Whew. Got out an old file, while the drive wheel was spinning along.....cleaned the crud off the bare wheel ( tire will be put on Sunday) and gave things a tune up for balance..

    While things were spinning ( no blade, nor covers) I shot some "lube" into the spinning parts. 90% of the vibration is gone, now. Thrust bearings spin freely,, don't look very good, but they work nicely.

    Tuesday, I pick up a few more Maple planks....doing a bit of trading. Drawer #5 will get re-done...and maybe a few Knot-free sides?

    Not a very good start, but....we'll get this done...stay tuned.

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    Glad you got the band saw sorted.Look forward to the drawer building portion.

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Took two people to install that...tire. Will try to get the saw back together in a bit.....then maybe some woodworking....

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, saw is back together. Needs a "starter" to get up to speed, before I turn the motor on...
    IMG_1457 (640x480).jpg
    I place that wire brush onto the drive pulley..
    IMG_1458 (640x480).jpg
    This one. Due to the rotation, drill runs in reverse. I spin things up to speed, then turn the motor on. Saw run fine, then. Has a brand new blade installed, too.

    Anyway, Drawer wars 1 was underway,,,,
    IMG_1442 (640x480).jpg
    Picked two that were close in size to each other.....not real worried about the knot, either.
    IMG_1451 (640x480).jpg
    Jointed the edges. Got out a few tools..
    IMG_1443 (640x480).jpg
    Well most of them. Had a few others in use, today...
    Laid out the pins onto the drawer front.
    IMG_1444 (640x480).jpg
    And carried the lines on around. No.4 backsaw, next.
    IMG_1445 (640x480).jpg
    I tried to split the lines, or at least stay on the waste side....
    IMG_1447 (640x480).jpg
    Set up to do a bit of chopping..
    BRB, ran out of picture space..

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, chopping out the waste..
    IMG_1448 (640x480).jpg
    I chop about halfway down, leaving a bit for support, for the next part..
    IMG_1449 (640x480).jpg
    One end done. I went ahead and chopped the pins on the other end....for some reason...I came up one pin short? 6 on this end, but only five on the other...meh...try better on the other "Half Drawer"

    Sides: They are not as wide as the front is....not a biggie ( have a "plan" for that) one end was a hair out of square..
    IMG_1450 (640x480).jpg
    Easy fix. Used the pins to lay out the tails...had to mark which end went where....I needed the lines only on one side....Bandsaw is the tool of choice..
    IMG_1452 (640x480).jpg
    Then chop out the waste...
    IMG_1454 (640x480).jpg
    Dry fits..
    IMG_1453 (640x480).jpg
    Needs a little tune up...second one was almost too snug. One nice item in the shop..
    IMG_1455 (640x480).jpg
    Much easier doing all of this sitting down. Will need to set up this plane to cut grooves for drawer bottoms

    IMG_1456 (640x480).jpg
    Rather than keep switching out cutters for each drawer....dados for the back of the drawers with be done with the mitre box to cut the side walls, then pop the waste out with a chisel...

    Been a long day.....Southwick's Premium Irish Ale is now cold enough...time to close the shop.

    Stay tuned..

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    Nice work.
    I will have to remember to build me a stool. I'm betting standing bent over a bench for a while, my back will appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven c newman View Post
    Ok, saw is back together. Needs a "starter" to get up to speed, before I turn the motor on...
    IMG_1457 (640x480).jpg
    I place that wire brush onto the drive pulley...
    Maybe need a new starting capacitor on that motor?

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Intend to check it out, when I get a bit of time to take the motor off the saw.....

    Picked up 3 boards of maple today ( doing a bit of trading...) 1 x 8 x 9'......Looking like one drawer front, and all the sides I'll need. Might have some left over for drawer backs, too.

    Need to get busy and crosscut some of them down to size....IF I have enough for all five drawer sides. I MIGHT redo that first drawer....

    Giving the thumb a day out of the plastic splint....was bothering the thumb a bot too much....thumb is still fat and ugly....still won't move. Find out tomorrow morning what they intend to do..

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, saw is running. I have a wire cup brush in a cordless drill. Set to match the rotation of the drive belt pulley. I apply the wire cup to the pulley, and use the drill to get the pulley up to speed....then turn the saw's motor "on". Runs fine.

    Picked three maple planks up today. 1 x 8 x 8' long. Hauled them done to the shop, one at a time..
    Two were rather plain looking.....I left #3 upstairs. At least it has some spalt going on.

    Was going to use this saw to crosscut the planks..
    But, needing 10 drawers sides cut, my "Get-up-n-go" quickly got up and went,after the first part had been cut....Vintage Sears Circular saw took over..
    10 piece stack.jpg
    Then used a drawer front to mark all of these for width...the CORRECT width..cordless saw starter to get the bandsaw running.

    Left a wavy cut, we have ways of dealing with "wavy"
    jointer jack.jpg
    Sides are 14" long. So is the Millers Falls No. 14.....
    jointed edges.jpg
    Then dug through the stack to fine a couple the same thickness...have two junky sides to replace.

    That first drawer had sides that weren't wide enough.....first order was to replace those two
    new sides.jpg
    And a little better job on the tails, too....Stashed this on away..
    drawer 1.jpg
    Will plane to fit, once the glue up has been done. Drawer Number 2

    I usually do NOT work in the shop on Mondays....Laid out the pins on the drawer front's edges....had inside label, top and bottom labeled....and cut the wrong pins..
    Sooo. The "inside" now is the "outside".....someone asked about doing smaller pins?
    fine pins.jpg
    Decided to quit right here for the day, before any other items go wrong...

    Doctor visit in the morning for this thumb that isn't healing...then a few errands...maybe late afternoon I can get a bit of shoptime?

    Stay tuned

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    X-rays of the thumb came back A-ok.....allowed to use the thumb again!.......maybe I can get back up to speed, been moving at the speed of smell, lately

    Ok, moved a few supplies to the shop...needed a place to stash them....
    poplar and plywood.jpg
    Poplar for the drawer backs, plywood for the drawer bottoms...sitting on top of the Washer as a "shelf" (shhhhhh)
    Transferred lines to make sure the dovetails matched each other..
    That way, the same number of pins and tails are used...( 7)..
    sawn lines.jpg
    Backsaw to split the lines....biggest thing is the mark what IS the waste sections...hate when I get that messed up...
    Chopped out the waste, after double-checking to make sure they were right. Used those pins to lay out the tails..
    tail lay out.jpg
    Had to sharpen the pencil up. Rough trying to hold things still, while tracing around each pin....
    Then come back with a square, and mark a "stop-line" for the bandsaw cuts...
    bandsaw work.jpg
    hey, the less I have to chisel out, the better I like it..
    Set this aside for a bit..
    As I needed the other drawer, with those BIG dovetails.....BRB...stay tuned..

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    Good news on the thumb! Awesome.
    I have done some practice dovetails..... and chiseled or cut the wrong thing away. Nice to know it won't get any better, lol.

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Decided to clean up the dovetails on the other drawer..
    joint clean up.jpg
    Set up the Stanley 45 to plough a few grooves..
    had to cobble a jig to hold parts still long enough to mill the groove for the drawer's bottom...helps when I rub the skates with an old candle..and some of the "flakes" land in the grooves.
    dado cutter.jpg
    Rather than keep switching cutters on the 45....I set the depth stops on the Langdon 75, made two cuts. A chisel to pop the waste out. Dado for the drawer's back is a Poplar back cut to size on the bandsaw....
    sides assembled.jpg
    Checked for square....needed a bit of plywood for the bottom....unable to use the bandsaw....had to drag out the Atkins 59 and hand cut the plywood bottom...whew...
    Had to bevel the edges of the plywood, to get a nice fit..
    bottom added.jpg
    Decided to spread some Elmer's around...
    clamped up.jpg
    All clamped up....but, I needed the bench cleared, to work on the next drawer...where to stash this, until the glue dries..
    stored away.jpg
    Why on that shelf on the washer, of course....
    Got the grooves and dado done on the second drawer..
    drawer 2.jpg
    Then it was Suppertime!....maybe when the glue dries, I can finish drawer #2?

    Stay tuned

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    Borger, Texas
    Hi Steven,

    A second "GREAT NEWS" on the thumb, and the project is coming along in spite of the thumb may get better!


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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    First drawer is out of the clamps..
    IMG_1495 (640x480).jpg
    Has a "bad" corner to be fix....cleaned all the sides, marked a center point on the drawer front to drill a pilot hole..
    IMG_1497 (640x480).jpg
    And installed one of these..
    IMG_1493 (640x480).jpg
    And stashed the drawer..
    IMG_1498 (640x480).jpg
    Next drawer has be glued up..
    IMG_1494 (640x480).jpgAnd then stashed away...

    Brought out parts for the next drawer..
    IMG_1502 (640x480).jpg
    And laid out pins for the next trip to the shop..
    IMG_1505 (640x480).jpg
    Bench was getting a might crowded..
    IMG_1500 (640x480).jpg
    Pizza Hut for Lunch...will take a break for awhile...
    Stay tuned

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, got the pins done on both ends of Drawer #3..
    pins and chisels.jpg
    Used these pins to lay out the tails. Once the sides were done, I dry fitted things up, then stashed them in the case..
    I got Drawer #2 out of the clamps...cleaned it up with a Stanley #4c. Installed the knob..
    Maybe tomorrow, I can start to get something done? Need to cut grooves and dados, and a back and bottom. Need to get #3 in the clamps before suppertime, tomorrow...then get a start on #4? As for those chisels?
    lew's mallet.jpg
    Rather a mixed bag of users. 1/8" up to 1"......and about everything in-between...
    Stay tuned...I might get busy, before too much longer

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