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Thread: Rockler Tenon Jig

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    Rockler Tenon Jig

    I am trying to find a ready made tenon jig. Has anyone tried the Rockler model?

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    The Rockler Tenon jig is nearly identical with the Delta one that I have. It works very well.
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    Also identical to the Jet. My Rockler came with Jet documentation but, was painted blue. I don't know if Powermatic's $300 version caused a price jump but, I bought mine on sale at Rockler for $50 not too long ago. Now it seems that twice that is considered a "sale" price. Be that as it may, I use it on the tablesaw and the router table with good result. I would not like to be without it. Other folks could care less for them but, I'm a believer ;-)

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    There are a bunch that follow the same basic design - Rockler, Delta, Jet, Grizzley, Shop Fox, Woodtek - with some variation in colors and handles. Mine is a Wood River, which appears to have gone out of production. I find it to be rather crude and finicky to set up, but once it's dialed in, it works really well.

    The Powermatic is a step up in fit and finish and probably also in ease and accuracy of adjustment, but it's ~3x the price of the others. As always, YMMV.
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    I have owned the Rockler for years. It works as it should.
    I had to place a washer between the casting and the miter bar to work with my JET cabinet saw. Without the washer the miter bar did not set deep enough to to engage the T-slot.
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    I had the Delta for years. It was completely satisfactory. It took a while to get the spacer(s) the correct thickness but after that I was cutting tenons to exact dimensions, very efficiently.


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