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Thread: critique on light weight collapsible portable stair case -please

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    Do you think a 75 year old, 90 pound woman would be able to handle this ?

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    I don't know. I'm not making that call. My 79 year old, barely 100 pound mother in law can haul 3 12x12 pavers at a time and get her own ski gear from the parking lot to the chalet with no problem.

    Since I don't know the lady with the dog, I'll leave that decision to the OP.

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    Dave, That is exactly what I was envisoning.
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    Dave, I did not mean to be critical of your design; I actually like your initial one. I was merely expressing my opinion, based on past experience, of a hinged ramp. Hinged ramps may seem fine initially but unless they're made of metal they all seem to start sagging and get bouncy in time. Not to say that a hinged wooden ramp can't be made to be very strong and minimize or even eliminate these issues. But in this case the OP indicated that he is trying to make it light weight. Strong hinges add a bit of weight as would additional seam material and bolts.

    If the OP thinks a hinged ramp is good idea for his project perhaps a test would be in order. A basic dimensional design could be drawn out and the weight calculated for all the wood and hardware. He can then make a "surrogate" weight with a handle (a duffle bag could even be used) to see if his MIL can handle it.

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    Some very valid points, and I will definitely consider them for the project.
    The only way my MIL will ever part with her current car is if it is written off, and if the car was any bigger she would need a ramp to get in

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