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Thread: Concealed Drawer Slides

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    Concealed Drawer Slides

    I have found three types of slides available from the internet. They are undermount ball bearing self closing 1.) Blum good reputation but pricely, 2.) Accuride unknown performance, price is best of these three, 3.) Quadro (by Hettich) unkown performance, priced between the Blum and the Accuride. Any help shared experience would be appreciated.

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    drawer guides

    of the 3 you mentioned i have only used the blum - undermounts - they are great - but as you noted very pricey. they take a bit more space under the drawer bottom - but the quick release is simple.
    i understand some of the new ones have a small piston which grabs and slows the closing action.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Peterson
    ...Blum good reputation but pricely...Accuride unknown performance, price is best of these three...Quadro (by Hettich) ...

    I've used both Blum and Accuride with great success. I can't speak to Quadro. It seems that the first two (perusing my supplier catalogs) are the industry standards. See which you can get on sale and go for it.

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    Check out CSH (Custom Service Hardware), 1-800-882-0009, They have lots of things are very good prices and many members of this forum have recommended them.

    As far as concealed drawer slides, their own (???) that are interchangeable with Blum and Hettich (very, very inexpensive), Quadro and Mepla. Their web site leaves a lot to be desired but their Customer Service is excellent.

    Regards, Joe
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    I'm using the Mepla's for the first time on this kitchen job and have really been impressed. I bought the soft close full extension version. They are the best slides I've ever used. Gives a totally different feel when using your drawers.

    I'll second the vote for CSH. Watch their shipping though. It used to be free, but not it is outrageous. The last order I placed they charged me $40 in shipping. Ouch.

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    I've had good luck with the 22" fullextension Accuride slides. Bought the last batch on eBay. Only difference was they didn't come with mounting screws, but they appear genuine and work fine (and were a lot cheaper.)

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    As far as concealed slides go, I've only used the Blum Tandem full-extension slides. They were easy to install and adjust. I think they're a terrific product. The price is painful. However, you forget about it a few months after the credit card bill has been paid.
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    in the neighborhood

    thank you for your comments. I went to the CSH website and found out they are cross town from me and have a showroom and inventory for me to view. I may put together a price and feature table and re-post. thanks again for the input.

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