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Thread: New Powermatic 3520C

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    Here's a couple of pictures I took of the 3520C, I should have taken more closeups of the banjo and tailstock. The guy I talked to thought the price would be around $4250, or roughly $250 more than the 3520B. The locking levers for the tailstock and banjo will be longer than in the picture, and will feature a knob of some shape on the end.

    The bed ways are thicker to increase weight, the legs are solid to increase weight, the tool rest lock is more like the 4224B but I don't know if it's exactly the same. The blue LED lights are just for show, and the bed extension is an option like it is now. The doors to open the tailstock storage area and motor belt are held closed with a magnet. The spindle lock is a dial that you turn which is a more positive lock and doesn't require you to hold it in the locked position. I asked the guy if the there is an override to prevent the lathe from being turned on with the spindle lock engaged, but the answer is no. I do like the control box that can be placed anywhere.
    CameraZOOM-20170623124707804.jpg CameraZOOM-20170623125245225.jpg CameraZOOM-20170623125047758.jpg CameraZOOM-20170623125223028.jpg CameraZOOM-20170623125237870.jpg CameraZOOM-20170623125254872.jpg

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    I like what I see but couldn't justify the price over my Laguna 1836. Thats a lot of coin and if money were no object, I'd rather have a bigger lathe like a Robust AB, the Laguna 24" model (if it's available yet) or possibly even the 24" G0800 Grizzly for about $1k less. Again, I know it's a really nice lathe but I feel there are other good alternatives these days for less money and better options if I saved a little longer. Just my opinion of course.
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    Hopefully this will answer a few of the above questions.

    The control box is great. Has a nice cubby or can be placed anywhere.
    Yes the tailstock and banjo locks are not up to par. Hopefully the new ones will be better
    They said it goes to 20rpm - indicates "0". I would say 25 is possible, would probably sputter at 20
    The spindle lock is a good improvement.
    The indexing is on the left side of the head stock, near the handwheel, and there is a digital readout to tell you where you are.
    The heavier ways and legs make it more sturdy and heavy.
    The toolrest lock down is a cam system, not just a straight screw. Stronger hold, but sometimes finicky to put tool rest into hole.
    The spindle is better placed, but only by a little bit. Comparable to any other lathe with square headstock. Not as convinient as new Laguna or Robust. Not a deal breaker, but not perfect.
    The legs have height adjustment built in.
    It looks like you could squeeze an extra inch between centers if you needed.

    Overall nice improvements on an already great lathe.

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    Has anyone received and used this lathe? I am looking for reviews, but cannot find any.

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    Remember the quality of a machine is not the appearance or country/company of origin but the company marketing the machine. They specify the design, specs, tolerances and especially quality controls. Also the warranty and service resources.

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    After being interested in this lathe for a while but not finding a ton of information on it, I finally stumbled upon a fantastic blog post about the lathe with a comparison to its predecessor
    Here’s the link for anyone interested :

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    Thank you. Very nice review.
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    Just talked to my friend Pat Matranga who purchased one. she has been turning on a 3520A for a very long time. she likes this one better. I didn't get into specifics. She said it works very similar. she really likes the moveable controller.

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