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Thread: My Best Stanley Plane and Newer vs Older Types

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    Quote Originally Posted by david charlesworth View Post
    Well my experience shows that bailey frog seating was generally appalling on UK, post 1970 planes. Sometimes as little as 10%!
    I should have been clearer that what I said assumed accurately-manufactured examples of each configuration. If the base and frog are so badly machined that the frog can rock or is badly crooked, then all bets are off as David points out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bailey View Post
    It is most certainly not justified. I have rehabbed many hundreds of planes, and can definitively state that some of my best workers are type 19s (1948-1961).
    The logic behind this statement becomes clearer once you realize that a plane is, at its core, nothing more than a chisel holder.

    I have a 7, and a 4 type 19. Both have the blue finish, and both work just fine.

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