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Thread: Corel users underlying & open vectors question.

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    Corel users underlying & open vectors question.

    Using X7 on Win 10, is there a tool in Corel to identify vectors underlying the visible one or open ( like the one in Aspire/Vectric )? The issue Im having is when I export a drawing for use in Ezcad for the galvo is that hatching a vector with an underlying twin/open sends the hatch into a tail spin.
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    Neville, the only think I know about is if you click on Shape tool, F10, and then select by clicking on an object you can then click or select close curve. (icon looks like a D or bow)

    It will close it up. maybe another way........
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    If it doesn't show up in wireframe view try object manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Null View Post
    If it doesn't show up in wireframe view try object manager.
    Will it show up differently in Wireframe view? I guess Opens are easier to deal with as you can just " Close ALL" but doubles hide on you. Object manager is a little tougher as you may have hundreds of vectors and one offender.
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    select the whole graphic, then combine it. Then paint it. Any open items Corel 'fills' anyway, and usually it stands out-

    2 boxes with an open line--
    painted all black--
    combined the boxes only, painted black--
    selected the line and painted it black- even though it's open the hollows are filled-
    combined the boxes and the line--

    might help, might not, but this is how I find out something's there that shouldn't be!
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    Excellent Kev, thanks for that. Nev : )
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    A simple trick I learned from one of Doug Green's videos:
    Set your nudge distance to an amount that will move an object past your other objects -
    in other words set it to 10 inches if your work is say, 8 inches.
    Then select the part you know is good and using your arrow key, move it one or two steps to the side.
    Click on empty space to deselect the good part and then select the suspected duplicate and move it to the other side or delete it if you don't need it.
    Then you can move the good part back into position by the same number of arrow presses in the other direction.
    This video kind of explains it after about 1 minute into the video:
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