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Thread: LaserCut 5.3 and Rotary Attachment settings ... again!

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    LaserCut 5.3 and Rotary Attachment settings ... again!


    First of all thank You to all the contributors in this forum! Great source of information!

    I have an issue setting up chuck type of rotary device with my Boss Laser LS 2436 using LaserCut 5.3. I found some good information from the archives but as I am COMPLETELY new to this I still did not get it right! Sadly the support from the makers does not help at all and I am writing this topic hoping that maybe someone has the exact same hardware and can nudge me into right direction ...

    Like mentioned, I am using BOSS LASER LS2436, motion card MPC6515, Chuck Rotary device with Leadshine motor 573S15-L + LaserCut 5.3. Images as attachment.

    I have a test piece with a D of 101,6mm (4").
    Image to be engraved is a square with edges 25,4mm (1")

    All the instructions I have told me that I need to change Machine Options - Worktable - Pulse Unit with a specific formula to compensate the rotary devices Y axis motor movement compared to X axis from the main machine.

    I used a formula 3.14 * D / 2 for the MOVE under PULSE UNIT. With my test piece the number was 3.14*101,6/2 = 159.512. Client support told me that the NEED PULSE was to be left alone, set to 6400.

    Using those numbers gave me a very warped image. Square of 1" was 15/16" X 7/16". It seemed to me that using the formula actually changed nothing. Only way I got something different on the piece was when I started experimenting with the NEED PULSE. Using NEED PULSE 16000 got me almost to perfect square but still bit off on the X axis and bit over on the Y.

    As I mentioned, I am a complete newbie on the laser and on the software as well. Trying to learn, please instruct if You are able or just share the correct numbers for the hardware!

    P.S. Settings open up when I press the ... next to RANGE as well, DIAMETER and NEED PULSE. I have not changed anything there, maybe I should have ?

    Few screenshots about my program settings when using the formula and instructions given me by the client support. though the result with those was way way off the intended result!

    Thank You!
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    if I cannot get that LaserCut 5.3 working, is there any healthy alternative to it ?

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    I am using LaserCut 4.0 and my rotary attachment looks a little different, but the setting that works for me is: change Y need pulse from 6400 to 1882.

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