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Thread: Using up HDU leftovers

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    Using up HDU leftovers

    A lot of folks avoid HDU because of the initial cost, but its versatility is hard to beat ....
    I'll post pics of the finished job later, but for now, I'd like to show off how you can use up HDU cutoffs

    Dentils, corbels, the top shelf & the "grey" panel you see in the middle are all leftovers from previous jobs, So really, the material is free, since otherwise, it would be "landfill bound", but really, the material cost is insignificant.... the labour is usually about 10X the material cost on a dimensional sign.

    So, if you have lots of small pieces kicking around ..... here are some ideas for you.
    I'll post more pics as the sign approaches completion...
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    Here's the finished sign .....
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    That is an outstanding sign. Excellent composition as well as selection of materials.
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    Most eye-catching and informative. Superb Sign. Thank you Roger for posting these pictures
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