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Thread: Boss Laser Engraver only engraving on one side...Help!

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    Boss Laser Engraver only engraving on one side...Help!

    I have a boss laser engraver. I only do plastic ID labels for commercial construction and am quite busy this time of year. I've been getting by with using only the left side to engrave on for the past month. I've had my engraver for 1.5 years but have never used it much until March rolled around. I have never had this problem and it started only 1 month ago. Is there anyone in my area that could possibly help me out? I've tried doing the 4 point test. That isn't working out for me. I'm sure the issue is more than likely between the steering wheel and the front seat.

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    I think you should post this in the Engravers Forum

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    Contact Boss first and ask if they can help you.
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    mirror alignment. The beam is likely 'walking' away from the lens mirror as the gantry moves right--
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    You really didn't explain things well enough with actual details to enable us to help you. If you want to post back with a much better explanation, I bet someone will have suggestions. With that said, you paid extra money to buy a Chinese laser from Boss so you should do as Scott said to take advantage of their support services. They will be able to help you solve this faster than the back and forth of a forum.
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