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Thread: Clicking on photos

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    Clicking on photos

    Like others I am still having problems clicking on photos only to see a dark screen. Clicking on the back button does not help.
    I read something on another similar post about deleting cookies. I like Nutter Butter, and an occasional Oreo. But what does this cooking thing entail and how do I go about deleting them.
    Thanks for any help you provide.

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    We would need to know which browser you are using. I am not having any problems with Firefox 53.0.2 in Windows 10.
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    I am not having the problem with IE11.

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    Safari on iPad works fine for me as does Firefox 53.0.2 on Win 10 on a Dell Precision laptop. A depressing thought just occurred to me - depending on how the software processes and displays the photo it may also have something to do with the video card/driver acceleration, Javascript, or something else other than the browser. I hope not.


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