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Thread: Lawn Mower - Re-New or Replace?

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    I just used my 21+ year old Honda Harmony (w/blade clutch) today. It takes about 2 hours to mow my lawn. Best mower Iíve ever owned. Sometimes I look at the new models and dread the day I might have to buy a replacement. If it ever conks out, Iíll look into having the motor rebuilt or purchase a new motor. They sure donít make Ďem like they used to. Iíve replaced a few sparks plugs, one pair of drive wheels and the speed-shift cable. Thatís it.

    Draining your tank and leaving the carburetor dry all winterónot a good idea. Iím a big fan of Seafoam. Got some bad gas in my Harley one time and it saved me the trouble of dealing with that issue.

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    That's what a very reputable dealer recommended unless you can easily get ethanol free fuel. I've been doing it for 15 years now and its worked out well for me.

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    I have a Honda that I use to mow about 11,000 sq. ft. per week. It is over 15 years old. I use middle grade gasoline because my trimmer requires a higher octane so I use it in all my gasoline powered tools with no problems. My gas has ethanol in it. Until electric mowers have a good long history of being relatively reliable, I'll stick with gas.

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    as far as reliability, the electric takes the cake for sure. all you need are a few wires, a couple switches and an electric motor. no gearing, no pumps, no oil, no linkages. that's why i have the older ones, no real electronics to go out.

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    I have a trimmer mower with B&S engine, the carb plugged up constantly, finally I figured out that I have to run it out of gas. Now there is no gas to plug up the carb, and it will run when I need it.

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