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Beautiful boat! My neighbor made a small runabout with mahogany sides,clear varnished. It got looks of wonderment,but nothing compared to this 40' beauty!!!! If I won the lottery,maybe..........
Not me- I am saving for a Hans Christian 43T. That's my dream boat. The mahogany one is beautiful, but even if I won the lottery, I would not want that upkeep, and I am a guy that actually enjoys varnishing. The mahogany boat would require crew. I want just myself, my wife, and my daughter. Here is my dream boat: http://www.hanschristian.org/brochur...T_Brochure.pdf She still has plenty of teak to keep me busy.

My grandfather built mahogany runabouts and it's on my to-do list but all the designs I find are more for lakes. I thought about building a Calkins Bartender with mahogany planking. I have too many ideas and not enough time.