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Thread: Total newbie trying to avoid death by sawdust

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    Yep, everyone has to make the decision and they will live with that decision and a very rare few might even succumb to it when it shortens their life but I won't dwell on that as it really is sensationalism. It is called DUST EXTRACTION for a reason, you can pick up the big bits with a shovel and broom if you so desire so why bother to install it at all if that is your aim? I have no trouble with people denying that fine dust extraction is the whole point, it is your health after all and has nothing to do with me. For what the majority of people use "dust extraction" for they are wasting their money as it can be done by other means.

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    I have a 16" Laguna saw with two 4" ports. I split a 6" drop and hook up to both ports and the collection is pretty good with my 2hp Oneida unit.

    You definitely need make up air but between the cracks in the door, space under the table, blade path up the spine, etc... I think it should be adequate.

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    Long time lurker. This thread spurred me to join.
    This is how I installed dust collection on my Shop Fox 1760.
    My dust collection is a shop vac with Thein separator
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    what is attached to the output side of your vacuum? Looks like some pipe to box filters?

    OP: I'd recommend looking at the cosman video. Either go with a very well-placed vacuum to collect the fines, or with a super-sized dust collector. I will say that a standard, single-stage dust collector into my bandsaws dust collection port is not adequate.


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    Yes, the pipe goes into a filter box. Always heard vacs are a "dust pump". The filter hasn't collected any but it does a great job diffusing the
    exhaust, added one to the exhaust on my downdraft table also



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