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Thread: Plainer feeder problems

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    Plainer feeder problems

    I just bought a DW733 plainer on offerup and shame on me I didn't test it first. The cutter works but it was missing a cog on the shafts that drives the feeders. Got a new one installed but the rollers seem to have trouble turning. I can spin them by hand with medium effort but as soon as the wood touches the roller they stop. It is almost as if the motor doesn't have the torque to spin them under any load. Tryed it with almost no load on it, just lowered it to barely touch the wood and it still stops.
    Please if anyone knows what's going on can you assist me? Turns out it is very hard to push and pull the wood through without the rollers.
    Thank you

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    Hi Douglas, the roller should turn almost without effort, sounds like the bearings/bushings they run in are seized and/or lack lubricant.

    I suggest you take them out and clean and lubricate or replace the bearings as required...........Regards, Rod.

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    I'll try that, I have avoided removing the rollers since the screws are so tight they wanted to strip out. I wasn't sure if they were meant to come out. Is there a trick to it or will I need to drill them out

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    Doug, If the rollers use flathead fillister bolts like the ones used to hold in the cutter blades then they will be very hard to get out. A good quality allen key wrench with a small cheater bar should break them loose, but some may strip the head of bolt.
    Using an allen wrench that is cheap will strip out the bolts, because the wrench wears under force and then ruins the close fit in the bolt head by wearing that also.
    If you drill out a fillister head bolt, use a drill that is larger then the diameter of the thread diameter of the 1/8". The angle on the drill point will break the head off cleanly when you drill through the center of the bolt head where the allen key goes.
    The tension on the threads will be released and the threaded part will come right out usually.

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    They are philps head, i couldn't manage to get any of them loose though. I'll get some penetrate oil soaking on them and a whole lot of prayers. If Im lucky this thing will be running this weekend

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    Get some bluecreeper. That should loosen them up.

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    Have you tried an impact driver to help remove them? I've found that has helped a lot in the past.

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    And so the problem continues, Got them all apart and cleaned up and lubed. They spin very easy by hand now, however they still stop spinning when the wood hits. Im hesitant to take the motor appart, anyone know the inside of these things? is it possible that a belt that drives the rollers is slipping or something? with the huge speed difference between the cutting blade and the rollers there has to be some kind of gearing or separate motor that can maybe be fixed? Thank you guys for the help so far

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    I just looked at the parts diagram. It looks like there is a belt that drives the cutterhead on one end of the planer. On the other end there is a gear box with a couple of gears in it next to the motor. The output from the gearbox drives a chain which drives the feed rollers. I would investigate those gears and the chain drive for something that is broken or loose. If you need any parts it looks like they are all available and not crazy expensive.


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