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Thread: Have you installed the new Corel Draw 2017 ?

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    Have you installed the new Corel Draw 2017 ?

    Hard to believe nobody has uttered a peep about the newest Corel draw release. Then again, alot of you full timers have stuck with x4 or earlier versions and I'm sure you have your reasons. I have yet to invest in any plug-ins or add ons so that solves the first obstacle to upgrading. If any of you can think of other reasons to stick with x8 I'd love to hear them. Or, if you did upgrade how about a review? I often wonder if anyone on this forum uses their laser as a means to create their own art and if so what is your process and method? any WACOM users or other pen-input types? Looks like this release is aimed at the "draw" part of "Corel Draw". maybe there are some minor tweaks that apply to us engravers but I havent seen anything specific. I went with the annual subscription which includes any upgrades that come out within that year so I figure i'll check it out but only after I get a feel from the sawmill superusers!
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    I've had every version since 9, but I see no need to upgrade to 2017, personally. Especially since X8's only been out a little over a year. Unless you do more artsy stuff and use a touchscreen with a stylus, I don't see the point. Me and X8 are getting along just fine. I don't use the subscription, though. I just buy each version outright. If I did have a Corel subscription, I'd probably be upgrading.
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