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Thread: Cutting mat as router table surface?

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    Cutting mat as router table surface?

    Planning to build a router table and thought it might be nice to have a gridded surface. Has anyone tried using a cutting mat, laminated to something like mdf, as the surface of a router table?

    The self-healing mats seem like they might not be quite smooth enough, but I've seen some mats that are harder and have a slightly beaded texture... could work well.

    It may be a dumb idea but seems like there might be some utility in it.


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    Why not just use the more tried and true Melamine or Formica laminate on top of whatever you want to make the router table top out of?

    Or better yet, save your money up and buy the cast iron BenchDog ProMax RT router table!
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    I'd prefer a smooth, solid and low friction surface - last thing you need when using a router table is the work stalling while you're feeding it. Cutting mats by their nature tend to be high friction so that the object being cut doesn't move

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    I go through a lot of cutting mats and most of them haven't stayed very flat over time. I've never glued one down because I know it will be replaced so that could possibly make a difference. But almost every one I've ever used has gotten a wave or seven in it eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Allison View Post
    Planning to build a router table and thought it might be nice to have a gridded surface.
    What would be the advantage to having a gridded surface?
    As Andy pointed out, cutting mats are not known for their slickness.
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