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    Olden Cemetery

    This sign was originally made in February 1998, with Sikkens stains & Cetol. It has been refurbished a couple of times ... Jan 2000 when the Cetol failed & in October 2005 entirely with acrylics. Note that the acrylics outlasted the solvent based Cetol by a factor of six.
    Anyway, I was never entirely happy with the original pictorial, so I routed the area out & put an entire new panel in there. The pictorial is Mountain Grove United Church, where the wife & former sweetheart & me tied the proverbial "knot".
    Sign was purchased by Gil Putnam way back when, in mermory of his Dad, who died in July of 1997. Bruce gave me my first job at the little truck diner just a mile from here .... Bruce & Faye's Texaco Lunch. I pumped gas & diesel, mopped floors, changed truck tires ( they were all "tube-type" back then) & even cooked sometimes. Occasionally I waited on tables too, but the inability to control honest but inappropriate comments meant that I only did that when they were some desperate. LOL
    Back to the sign now .... stripped down to the bare wood, MF Adhero primer & PPG Sun-Proof acrylics. I hope I live long enough to have to repaint this again .... if the longevity of past acrylics holds true, I'll certainly be so old I'll be fartin' dust by then !
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