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    Hello Everyone,

    I came across some cork squares used to put on walls and thought I could engrave and cut them into hotplates to seel at a craft show I'll be in. Has anyone had any experience working with it and whatwere your settings (I have a 25W)? Thanks for any info!

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    Hi Debbie.... Cork is a great medium to engrave. (I recently got some tiles at the dollar store but haven't used them yet.)
    I usually do my cork stuff with rolls that I get from the local auto parts store which is used to make gaskets. It's a pain because you have to let it rest quite a while to get the "roll" out so that's good and flat.
    I can't give you particular settings since cork is much like various varieties of wood: some is grainy, some fine, some dark, some light. Treat it as you would an unknown wood. Use a back side or a sacrificial sample and start at a high speed and low power and work up to your satisfaction.

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    It vector cuts OK too, I use it to cut feet for tile trivets, and circles for coasters.

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