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Thread: Veritas Shooting Plane UPDATE

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    Veritas Shooting Plane UPDATE

    So as a lot of you will likely recall, I posted a thread asking for advice on an out of square plane a little over a week ago. That thread ended up being more active than I had hoped, and diverged into a lot of different conversations.

    Long story short, I received my replacement today, and the plane is perfect, as I knew it would be (I know, I know, my squares cannot measure squareness least they pass the light test using my most trusted squares to my satisfaction).

    A lot of us have experienced the top notch customer service from Veritas, and this was no exception, I put my plane in the post on Friday afternoon, they somehow received on Wednesday morning (shout out to Canada Post here too, Edmonton to Ottawa in 3 business days is impressive), and sent me my replacement out that afternoon. Received it today, just over a week after my return - I was worried I'd have to wait till April to receive my replacement. Not to mention hearing personally from the president of the company on the creek.

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    Thanks for the follow-up Hasin. Wish everyone had service like LV!

    Now you should try out the plane and post a review for those of us (like me) that are still on the fence about buying one.
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    Good to hear, Hasin! Enjoy!

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    Great to hear it has been resolved to your satisfaction. I wouldn't expect any less from Lee Valley and they always deliver in spades.

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    Good to hear the successful outcome. LV always stands behind their products.

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    Thanks for keeping us posted on the outcome.

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    First, great to hear, second, thanks for the followup. All to often people leave a thread "hanging" and it leaves people to their imagination what happened, which can be a very bad thing.
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    It is great to see that Veritas tools provide such an amazing service. I only own one tool and love it (DX60 block plane). Kudos to you for taking the time to say something positive. All too often, myself being guilty, it is easy to complain when aggravated but seldom does one voice praise where it is due.

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    Nothing more nor less than we have come to expect from Lee Valley.

    Thank you Hasin.

    Regards from Perth


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