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Thread: It's Robo-Hippy!

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    It's Robo-Hippy!

    Yup Reed made the news (at the Oregon Symposium)
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    Very nice video! Reed did a great job on showing how he turns a bowl!

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    Wow - very impressive. Now how do you turn that fast and not get curlies in your face (or beard)?


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    It was another fun gathering. They young woman who did the video work was having a blast in the shavings... "I have wood shavings all over me!" The most interesting thing to me about the news coverage we got, both in the paper and the news video is how many of the local people came to see the event. The instant gallery and vendor area was entertaining to them. I met one gentle man, 92 years old who came by and commented that he wanted to see me turn because I was using 'flat' tools. His brother used to make scrapers from planer blades when they were young.

    Mike, I was turning slow.... Well for me. I do stand out of the line of fire for the wood, and for the shavings. A scraper makes that a bit easier for the shavings... I do come home with shavings every where....

    One other side note, Ralph's wife Ellen makes excellent sticky buns..... If you ever get the chance..

    robo hippy

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    As I understand it that event will be held in Arizona next year and I look forward to attending. Robo Hippy is my most often go to videos on YouTube. I've seen some of the them so often that I sometimes find myself repeating his words while working on the lathe .... "ride the bevel, ride the bevel".

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    Yikes, keep it up and you'll talk me into a trip next year.

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    The Oregon Woodturning Symposium was set up to be on the 'every other year' basis so that the Desert Woodturning Round Up, and the Oregon Woodturning Symposium would give an 'out west' experience every year.

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    I must say I was most struck by the high dollar calipers... something so simple I had never thought of and has many uses.
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    I picked up the idea for those calipers from none other than Dave Ellsworth. They work as well as any thing else I have seen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reed Gray View Post
    One other side note, Ralph's wife Ellen makes excellent sticky buns..... If you ever get the chance.. robo hippy
    Thank you! I love an excuse to make them.

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