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Thread: Losing image resolution saving a CDR then moving to another computer

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    Losing image resolution saving a CDR then moving to another computer

    Long story short, I create an image and save it as a CDR file to a thumb drive. I move to my engraver laptop, same version of CorelDRAW, but when I open it, there's a significant image quality loss. I looked at the save (as) settings, but can't seem to figure this out. My mind is fuzzy so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Any ideas?
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    Does your camera take raw images and if so can you use them?

    My camera does but I never use it so I don't know if you would still have all the options when using it.

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    On second thought, perhaps you are overlooking an option as to percent of original you want to save.
    I can't recall ever losing quality when transferring to cdr.

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    Is it actually losing resolution or just looks like it on the screen? Two totally different issues.
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    Something tells me you are working with a media that does not involve cameras.
    I can't keep up. Just got used to digital cameras and now I'm guessing you are using 3D imagery?
    Please respond so I can stop making a fool of myself. Seems most everyone on here is using lasers and such.

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    USB drives can corrupt files. My son spent hours troubleshooting a control system issue and it was traced back to a file corrupted on a USB stick.
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    A simple thing to check in Corel -
    On the laptop look under VIEW and compare what setting it's on. Enhanced is usually preferred unless you're editing nodes in wireframe mode.
    Maybe your design computer has Enhanced selected and the laptop has Normal or Draft selected.

    If it's not that setting, check your page settings under Layout, Page Setup, & make sure they're the same on both computers.
    If you make changes, save the changes so they load every time Corel opens.
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    Could be an RGB CYMK mismatch issue but I'm not much into working with images

    BUT-- have you tried the "Edit Bitmap" function in Corel? This will move the image to Corel Photopaint for editing, and you can save it as an actual image rather than a CDR. Then re-open it on the other computer in Photopaint, then copy and paste it into Corel-- You can simply import the pic into Corel, but you want to find out if the pic retains its quality in the photo program first...
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