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Thread: Laguna Dust collector.

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    Please let us know how it works after you have it for awhile. I am curious about how the short cone works for separation.

    This relatively new design will be great for many due to it height. I would like to see a picture of the impeller but yours is already together.

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    I'm heavily leaning toward an Oneida V3000, for several reasons. 1) it's made in the USA, 2) it has a much longer cone which should provide better chip separation, 3) even with the longer cone its 88" assembled height still fits in my basement shop, 4) Oneida provides much better data on the actual measured performance of their units, using real world numbers and realistic conditions. After A LOT (probably too much) of research I've arrived at the conclusion that the CFM figures that Laguna provides are just not possible given the size of the unit and hp of the motor.

    That said, I'm still eager to hear how it performs and see how you set up your system! I'm frequently wrong and dont mind admitting it lol
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    5-6 Hr must include coffee breaks. It took me about that long to but my Onieda together, 7 boxes of parts.

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    I don't think Oneida can be beat for quality. Clear View had received a lot of really good reviews as well, but they didn't come out till after I bought my Oneida. Not positive about all the test results, but there is a difference between CFM (cubic feet per minute), and static pressure testing, and the static pressure is the more important one.

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