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Thread: Do I need to glass it?

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    Beam is 4'2"; design and precut ply parts from PT Watercraft, to a design by Russel Brown and friends in Port Townsend, WA, particularly Paul Bieker and Eric Jolley, as I understand it.
    Thanks for the dimensions, information and link.

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    That PT11 Is a sweet design whether a nestor or a once piece. I'd still glass the bottom with 4 oz fiberglass (maybe 6 oz) and epoxy coat the interior or CPES .... then paint. . . to have a balanced structure (completely sealed from moisture inside and out... and will have a tough bottom. I believe I mentioned this before but I certainly think you should do some serious analysis as to what you want to do in the immediate future and later on down the road... and build a design that will be useful to you for the long term. A larger heavier design on a small trailer would offer much more stability and be a much more versatile craft and would end up being useful for many years.

    We all started with smaller boats and usually ended up going larger over time. Think about what you will be doing as obviously you don't need to build a craft that is overkill if you will only use it like the "nesting dingy" shown above. A well thought out choice will end up taking about the same time to build but offer much more in capability when done and you will likely be more satisfied for the long haul.

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