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Thread: Shop cabinet hardware

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    Shop cabinet hardware

    I'm looking for advice for what to buy for side mount drawer slides that are full extension and are capable of 50 and 100# loads. I have an opening that is 23 inches deep.

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    I like the KV 8400 series (though I mostly use Blum undermounts these days).

    I know people who like the Fulterer brand, too

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    I have used the KV 8400 series and just received my first set of Fulterer slides. I bought the Fulterer because I could get it in black.

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    Wayne, you didn't say how many slides you needed - I personally like the 100# rated full extension ball bearing KV 8400 (made in USA, rah rah!) and this time of year they're always on sale at (Woodworker's Supply.) Boxes of 10 get you the best deal at most places.

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    Another one happy with the KV 8400 from Woodworkers Hardware. I have had them in my shop for several years. I did all my cabinets with the Euro 32 mm system and made drawer slides and hinge installation great.

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    I built a pantry for my wife and used the KV 8450 slides. The trays are 28" deep and some hold close to 50#. They have been in use for over two years now with no problems. I really like the soft close feature.
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    Another KV 8400series fan here. I have also used Mepla and Grass equivalents but, the K&V slides are smoother and more consistent in my limited experience. Since they are for the shop I generally go with what offers the best price at the time I need them. I do generally buy a lot of 10 (or whatever the quantity is for the price break) and use the extras later. This method has paid off every time so far as the extras don't take up much room under a bench or over the rafters. IF you live where things freeze, this may not be correct for you.
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