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Thread: Book with full size fish patterns

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    Book with full size fish patterns

    Anyone have any recommendations on a fish carving book with full size patterns? Or, a good book on the topic and anther source for full size patterns.

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    The Breakthrough Fish Carving Manual, written and illustrated by Mark Frazier, copyright 1996 seems pretty good. Its spiral bound, 292 pages with almost 40 pages on making molds from specimens, 20 pages on workshops, tools, supplies and wood, 25 pages on detail techniques, 20 pages on creaating habitats, 40 pages on painting and finishing, Plus detailed projects on Bluegill and Bass. There are pull-out pattern pages for a brown trout, tiger trout, cutthroat trout, smallmouth bass, angelfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill. Although these are not full size, I imagine you could use some as they are. Fish do come in all sizes. For example the brown trout is for an 18- 1/2 inch fish and the pattern is 15 inches long, so useable as is. Other patterns are similar in size. The bluegill pattern is full size. Hope this helps a little.

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