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Thread: SDD Rant

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    SDD Rant

    So I emailed Oneida about the reducer issue on my molded SDD. They tell me I need to use a crimped fitting to INSERT into the outlet on the top. This just goes against everything I know and understand about airflow. Never should there be an intrusion or obstacle impeding flow. Not a happy camper with their response.... Rant over
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    Can you make the reduction on the other end and not the connection point of the outlet on the SDD? Why are you reducing it?
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    Make your own. Go to Home Depot and look in the section where they have duct material for things like bathroom exhaust fans. Get the size you need for your hose. Then cut upward into the fitting about every inch and maybe 4" long. This will allow you to squeeze this end smaller. Place around the OUTSIDE of your SSD and put a big hose clamp on it to hold it in place. Then wrap with duct tape to keep it from leaking.

    If your hose is smaller, get a fitting that fits your SSD and cut as described for the hose end.

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    or get a crimper. I never get the crimps to be that good looking, but they are hidden inside.

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    I like to make fittings from PVC. A heat gun will make the PVC pliable. You can make it smaller or bigger as needed. And it is smooth.

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    If you order a 5 inch to 4 inch adapter for the Super Dust Deputy directly from Oneida made specifically for that purpose, the adapter will not fit either inside or outside the inlet. It is the exact same 5 to 4 inch adapter you can get at a big box store but it is twice the price. The absurdity of that just baffles me.

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    Try a rubber fernco fitting. You will find these in the plumbing section of Lowes or HD.

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    I struggled to find a 5in fitting that would work with the original blue metal SDD. Finally found a norbfab fitting that slipped inside the inlet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Brewster 7 View Post
    Try a rubber fernco fitting. You will find these in the plumbing section of Lowes or HD.
    OP, this. Easy on, easy off--and no tape. The fitting I needed was not available locally but I found it online. The fernco website gives a rundown of actual ID and OD -- and from there you can google part numbers to find a vendor.

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