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Thread: newbe just saying Hi

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    newbe just saying Hi

    I have had a wood shop for years and last Christmas bought myself the small 10X18 Harbor freight lathe for about $150 after 20% discount. Thought I was getting in cheep Its been a year and about $1000 dollars later I just did a slight upgrade to a Grizzly G0462 Not the lathe I wanted but the one I could afford. I have mostly turned bowls, pens, and bottle stoppers and with the larger lathe I hope to get into more hollow forms I would call my skills as beginner/getting better. I have joined the MN wood turners association and have been going to the meetings and this past week my wife Joanna also joined the club. So now I dont have to hide the $$$ going down into the hobby looking forward to being a member as I have been on a car forum and found it to be very helpful.

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    Welcome to SMC, Chuck.....lots of fine turners here, so feel free to share your work.
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    Wow, I wish my wife would be interested. Her only interest is paying for things. She turned a pen once, she's happy. There's a lot of help here if you need it, just ask!


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    Welcome to the vortex. I think that you are getting some feel for the $$$$$$$$$$ that you can part with and some of the toys that you NEED. You might try some little lidded boxes to add to your experience. Little boxes do not require a lot of special tools or investment and make nice gifts/sale items.

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    Hi Chuck! Welcome to the Creek! Looking forward to seeing some of your work!

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    I second Thomas' comment. Small boxes can be a real nice way to learn and can be done with few tools.

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    I think this equates nicely to wood turning as well . . . . .

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    Awesome work Chuck. I like them all!!
    Perhaps you would get more looks and comments if you started a new thread.
    Welcome to the creek!

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