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Thread: Investing in a laser.

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    Investing in a laser.

    Hi and thanks for the add.
    I am looking to buy a laser cutter around 60w with a 600x900 bed. It will be my only laser and I would like to do engraving and a bit of cutting for large items.
    Can anyone shed some light on or have reviews please on their lasers?
    I was looking at a Thunder, ThinkLaser LightBlade or a Powell P9060. Here's the three links. Or if you have any suggestions I'm open to them.
    Thank you in advanced.

    Think Laser



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    Do a google search under those brands and include sawmillcreek in the search and you will pull forum posts if they have discussed.

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    Thunder is the only one I've had contact with. Seems to be good quality Chinese, if that is not an oxymoron. never heard of Powell, and just a bit about Thinklaser.
    I don't think you would go wrong with Thunder, they have a guy in Dallas area stocking parts and english speaking technician. Yumiko is a bit of a salesperson.....
    She still emails me even though I went with different company.
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    You seem to be UK based Aaron? try HPC in Halifax, give them a call and ask for Simon Mallas or Chris Jacobs, they have machines there you can see runno in their weekely demo days. I won't consider buying from anybody else in the UK these days except them

    The lightblade is a rebranded Chinese machine..possibly a Weike or a shenhui
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    In addition to agreeing with Dave, I will also mention that a laser is not an investment, it is a tool that has to be used, usually in conjunction with a range of other tools and skills, and depending upon the application of the specific formula you have, may or may not repay the outlay on a tool that devalued the moment you paid for it. Let us know how you get on. John
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    A google search will give you days of reading on the subject, saves a lot of time.
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    Hey Aaron,
    To speak from experience make sure the laser company you choose has a warehouse in your country. Nothing is worst than not being able to get parts or not having the option for a tec to visit your shop for trouble shooting and repairs.
    Make sure you have your product line mapped out as well, like others have stated a laser is a tool to add to your shop. Not a magic money generator :-) .
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