I'm setting up my wood shop and will be building a vertical lumber storage area. I'm not looking for pros/cons on vertical vs. horizontal at this time - I'm going vertical for now. I have 10' ceilings in the shop and will likely build one horizontal area up high for the few boards I have that are longer than 10'.
I like the idea of having the platform at a pitched angle so wood leans towards the wall. I read someone used a 5 degree angle somewhere so will go with that unless I hear otherwise here. I'm thinking of cutting "sleepers" at an angle and 3/4" plywood covering those for the base. In addition, how about the back wall of the storage area having a matching angle? It seems the boards (if stacked tightly) would have less tendency to bow. Sound like a logical plan - and if so, how to execute that? Maybe the wall being pitched is not worth the trouble.
I also like the simplicity of the 1" galvanized pipes as separators of the bins. Any real cons of those?

Thanks for any suggestions, pics , or feedback.