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Thread: Felder AD751 what is good price?

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    Felder AD751 what is good price?

    There is a Felder AD751 for sale locally. Build in 2004,in great condition with power drive and 4 knife cutterblock system.
    It is 230V,3PH and 7.35 KW motor.
    What would be good price, I can't find price for new machine anywhere.
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    Not sure. I have an AD751, purchased early 2004. 10HP 3PH. Paid around $14,100 for it new (before add on options). I saw one a few years ago for sale for around $5-6K I think. Not sure what condition it was.

    I wouldn't sell mine. Couldn't replace it for anywhere near that price point for the quality.

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    Here you go. I couldn't find an AD751 currently, but these are the numbers on the equivalents. There is Anniversary pricing going on right now which may be significantly less or include spiral cutters as standard.
    May all your turnings be smooth,

    Brodie Brickey

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