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Thread: Santa left Tormek on 12th day of Christmas

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    Santa left Tormek on 12th day of Christmas

    This T8 Tormek was supposed to arrive long before Christmas and await opening under the tree, but alas it arrived late. This is the Tormek with all the attachments because I wanted the hand tools and drill attachment. Not really a turner at all, but it's in the package.

    This is part of the endeavor to end the illusion of the Neader dream. It failed. I have no patience to try wet stones in the least. They'll soon depart the shop along with all the other hand tools never used. The shop motto is now, "more power." It's in the dug out crawl space for the present time because the garage isn't heated. The crawl spaces stays a constant 60 degrees.


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    That's a nice machine I saw your classified posts.I have the 2000 and use alot.
    The longer you have it the more you'll like it.

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    Let us know when you try out that drill attachment. I'm in the market for one. Looks pretty good. Might not be the fastest way to sharpen a drill on the planet though.


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    I've always been trigger shy with the Tormek, mostly because I don't understand how you can get razor sharp edges with only two grits.

    I've read a few reviews that say you still need to take the tool to stones after the tormek to get a super sharp edge, and that the advantage of the tormek is bevel angle consistency, establishing a hollow grind to make stone sharpening easier, really well made attachments (i.e., for bowl gouges, etc), the slow speed/water bath to eliminate overheating, etc. Plus great build quality.

    But I'll be curious to know whether you can get a chisel sharp enough to pare pine end grain without tear-out right off the tormek (my gold standard for "sharp").

    Anyway, congrats again. Hopefully I'm not poo-pooing your excitement!!


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