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Thread: Ryoba tenon cut problems

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    A Lie Nielsen saw will cure your issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Holcombe View Post
    You mean like this;

    That is also another method but there must be a kerf for this cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Holcombe View Post
    I suspect that saw needs a sharpening, something is likely off in the set.
    I'm always sawing with two hands on. I find this minimizes my tendency to rotate or deflect the handle; generally reducing nasty effects on the cut.

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    I got out to the shop last night and used the same SYP as in the original cuts. I used the techniques described and shown by Stan and Brian. I loosened my grip, let the saw cut and practiced patients. I leaned the work pièce toward me and used the heel of the saw for the majority of the cut. I had some minor deflection but was able to adjust with frequent checking. Overall I'd say user error was the culprit. Thanks for the guidance on sawing technique for the ryoba.

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    Glad to hear things have improved!
    Bumbling forward into the unknown.

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    Here are some picture of ryoba results.

    Please no comments on the metal saw horse. I do a lot of metal working currently....IMG_20170113_185655_030.jpgIMG_20170113_185742_031.jpgIMG_20170113_185806_032.jpg

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